Friday, July 27, 2012

Travel update

Made it to Kiev, it is 9:30 local time we have to wait until 3:55 for our next flight. See you all soon. -- Ryan

A few more pictures

VBS Bible lesson

 The ladies of First Step: Tatiana, Lida,and Luba

Singing at First Step

Teens and Girls of Hope House

Playing with the Volleyball

Water Wars!!!!!!

Last Day

It is hard to believe we have almost finished our time here.  It will be really nice to see everyone back home again, but it is also hard to leave.  The work crew finished laying cement on the 2nd floor of Hope House 2.  The rest of us had a blast with water games at both the VBS and First Step for our last day.  Then we did some water balloons with the girls at Hope House after we got back, then had another wonderful meal.  After that Kerry had one last job for us men, getting the Cement mixer off of the second floor of Hope House 2 and carrying a pallet of 80 lb. bags of cement to the garage.  From the Noise outside it sounds like some more water games have started with the girls so I will need to go. 

We leave tomorrow morning around 5:15am for the airport.  Your prayers are appreciated.

-- Ryan

Some more Pictures

Karen with the Older Girls at VBS

Musical Chairs at First Step

Games at VBS

VBS kids

Karen with two boys from VBS

Music session at VBS

Water Games on the last Day of VBS

Water Games on Last Day of VBS

Team picture at VBS

Water Games at First Step

Girls of Hope House

Thursday, July 26, 2012

There's a hole in my bucket, dear liza

So we are sitting here on day 7 of our trip filling up water balloons for the last day of VBS tomorrow...I can't believe how fast our time here has flown. The girls here at hope house are so much fun to hang out with even though we don't always understand each other:) all the kids at VBS are also a blast to games with. It has been a great week so far and I can't wait for what will happen the rest of the trip --Cori

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time flies

It amazes me how fast the time goes. We have two days left then we start our trip home. VBS and First Step went well today, still feels a little chaotic, but you get used to it as the week goes on.

My typically day starts out at the VBS, I enjoy singing with all the kids. Then I lead recreation with Cori and Brrreeeennnndaaaaan, he is quite the hit with all the young girls, the team has taken up mimicking them, something new for the youth group. A cute story from our first day, we had the young boys and were struggling to find a game to occupy them, when they found a grasshopper and that was able to amuse them the rest of the session (God always provides).

After VBS is done, we load up the vans, a couple people come back to work with Scott laying concrete or doing some other project around hope house. The rest of us go to First Step and run a camp for them. This is a less structured, but shorter camp, we typically do two stations craft or sport. Mark and I have been doing sport with the assistance of some of the teens. We also sing and do a lesson, then have supper around four with the kids.

Then it is back to Hope House, where we clean up, unless Kerry has a job for us. We then have second supper at Hope House, team meeting and devotional / prayer with the team and HH girls, then if there is time we play games. Mark has done a great job getting together Minute to Win it games.

I have to say a trip like this really brings you closer to your team, and you learn a little too much about them. I have a whole new view of Pastor Jeff, and it will take me a while to recover. He told a joke today to the kids at the VBS, which didn't translate well, not that it was that funny in English either. But the confused look on the translators face and Jeff's reaction were priceless.

So much to tell, so little time. We appreciate all of your prayers. -- Ryan

VBS and First Step Pictures

Pastor Jeff gives all of the lessons at VBS, then we give out gifts if they can answer questions.
Young boys showing off their art work
Singing at First Step

Crafts at First Step

Singing at VBS

Some kids up front doing motions to the songs at VBS

Younger girls doing crafts at VBS

Younger boys doing crafts at VBS

Older girls doing crafts at VBS

Older boys at VBS showing off their art work

Playing games at First Step

We often play games with them during down time.